Savory Stories About Salt

What do these articles have in common? Sodium chloride, a common substance with wide application.

Darwinism as a Driver of Useless Busy Work

What drives some scientists to absurd levels of much ado about nothing?

Does Darwin’s Theory of Sexual Selection Explain Anything?

It does not explain the origin of new traits, but only the frequency of some existing traits.

Fossils Too Perfect for Deep Time

Evolutionists never question the vast ages for fossils that are exquisitely preserved.

Can Darwinism Explain Aging and Lifespan?

Evolutionists struggle to explain both reproductive longevity and life longevity.

Good Science Still Flourishing Without Darwinism

Take heart at the good things that are coming from Darwin-free research, especially findings that improve our lives.

Darwin Fish Is to Blame for Heart Attacks

The Darwin mind virus has invaded Japan. Now, Tokyo scientists are wasting their lab time.

Hummingbird Wings Featured in New Short Video

Illustra's short film "Wings of Wonder" shares more about our favorite birds.

Amber Fossils: Comparing Explanations

Explaining a fossil's history is not an observation; it is an inference from assumptions.

Body Size Change Is Not Evolution

Evolutionists keep looking for laws to make Darwinism scientific. There are too many exceptions.

Blinking is a Big Problem for Evolution

New research supports creation, not evolution.

Hummingbird Beak Is a Nectar Wringer

New high-speed movies of hummingbirds show how nectar in the retracting tongue is drawn into the mouth.

Out On a Limb: The Evolution of Olympians

Pole vaulters, gymnasts, and hurdlers got their start by accident in precocious fish, say evolutionists.

Evolutionists Wing It with Stories

Flight? No problem. Wings pop into existence like eyes and everything else.

Common Birds Astound Scientists

Look at some denizens of your garden or town and be amazed.
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