Wonders Under the Sea

Big animals both living and extinct showcase exquisite detail in bulk.

Archive: Black Cats, Early Galaxies, Baghdad Batteries, and a Christian Geologist

These articles from early March 2003 show what CEH was reporting 21 years ago when the Iraq War was going on.

Leviathan Was Real

They're not just sailors' tales. Sea monsters really existed.

Engineers Follow Inspiring Creatures

From tiny to mighty, living cells, animals and plants inspire human technology.

2023 in Review

Thanks to all who have supported CEH. Here are highlights from 2023. Reporting will resume on Jan. 2.

Archive: Horses’ “Vestigial Muscles” Are Really Dampers

This reprint from 22 years ago is sure to be a hit with horseback riders.

Wildlife Conservationists Need to Study History

Fair hunting laws actually benefit wildlife populations.

Pat-a-Pan: Chimp-Bonobo Myth Debunked

Everyone has been told that chimps are aggressive and bonobos are cooperative. It's not true.

Spotted and Striped: Why Many Animals Have Elaborate Patterns

Evolutionists are at a loss to explain the patterns that adorn many diverse animals.

Intricate Design Found in Sperm Cells

Research is proving that a supposed simple cell is far more complex than once thought

Darwinism Is Useless in Fossil Discoveries

Like a rabbit's foot, evolutionary paleontologists hope Darwinism will bring them good luck.

Darwinism as a Driver of Useless Busy Work

What drives some scientists to absurd levels of much ado about nothing?

Three More Fossils Appear Earlier Than Thought

They appear earlier than thought, but show no sign of evolutionary transition.

Does Darwin’s Theory of Sexual Selection Explain Anything?

It does not explain the origin of new traits, but only the frequency of some existing traits.

Smart Elephants Solve Puzzles With Their Trunks

Here are more reasons to love and respect pachyderms.
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