Closer Look Found Important Functions in Junk RNA

Did evolutionists' belief in genomic junk delay important discoveries?

Fly Nervous System Exceeds Expectations

One look at this nerve diagram should eliminate thoughts of evolution.

Did Darwin Plus Wallace Explain Butterfly Patterns?

Selectionism, whether natural or sexual, reduces science to storytelling.

Insect Olympic Feats Astonish Biologists

Butterflies cross the Atlantic, and tiny gnats fly over the Pyrenees.

Ant What She Used to Be

Darwinians are masters at twisting evidence of stasis into tales of ancient evolution.

Better Science Without Darwin

Scientists wouldn't rush to imitate nature if it was poorly designed.

Archive 2002: RNA, Vaporware, Mendel, and more

What has changed since May 2002? What remains the same?

Twisting Evidence Against Evolution Into Evidence For Evolution

Freed from serious critique by non-Darwinists, evolutionists can twist any data into support for their Darwinist ideology.

Archive: First Land Animals, Lateral Gene Transfer, and Beetle Fans

Enjoy some of our posts from 22 years ago, which were lost during a website upgrade.

Archive: DNA, Insects, Human Body, Fossils

These stories from March 2003 are useful for comparing what science was saying 21 years ago with discoveries since then.

More Original Molecules Found in “Old” Fossils

The original color molecules from snails are still present after 12 million Darwin Years.

Winged Darwin: Pterosaur Diversity, But No Ancestor

A lizard could not just take off like a bird. Flight specs are required!

How Flies Control Eyes Size

Getting left-right symmetry doesn't just happen. It is regulated by specialized machines.

Archive: DNA Repair, Cambrian Fish, More

Here are some articles from the archives about DNA repair, media, butterflies and more.

Engineers Follow Inspiring Creatures

From tiny to mighty, living cells, animals and plants inspire human technology.
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