Better Science Without Darwin

Scientists wouldn't rush to imitate nature if it was poorly designed.

How to Be a Sapiens, Not Just a Homo

Darwinism cheapens human life, making us pawns of impersonal, uncaring forces.

Archive: Language Evolution, Tooth Evolution, Flood Myths, More

These articles from June 2002 still hold interest for CEH readers. What issues from 22 years ago remain the same today?

Why Don’t Humans Make Their Own Vitamin C?

The genetics of vitamin C variability is more complex than it appears. It does not prove evolution.

Why Biology Will Always Surpass Biomimetics

Humans can learn from nature but can never successfully duplicate nature.

Archive: Eye Perfection, Whale Evolution, Altruism, Diamonds, Asteroid Life

These CEH articles from May 2002, lost in a website upgrade, are posted again here for amazement or amusement.

Bursa: Not a Vestigial Organ

A seemingly useless tissue was often surgically removed until it was found to be very important.

Archive: Neptune, Molecular Motors, Romance

These entries from May 2002, lost during a website upgrade, are reposted here for edification, amusement, or both.

Species Diversification Still an Evolutionary Puzzle

A look at another failed attempt by evolutionists to explain the origin of species.

Tale of the Tail: Why the Human Coccyx Is Not a Vestigial Organ

Tall tales about the loss of the human tail continue to mislead.

Archive: Tuatara, Eyes, Cells, Self-Organization, Astrobiology

More lost stories from the end of March 2002 are republished here. Topics: the tuatara, eyes, self-organization, cells, architecture.

Rethink of Genetics Supports ID over Darwinism

Out with junk DNA. Out with the Central Dogma. Make way for design thinking.

Have You Thanked God for Bacteria Today?

More research documents that bacteria are essential for good health.

Archive: Eyes, Ears, Clocks, and Cold Dinosaurs

These entries from February 2022 are still worth reading. Enjoy!

Footprints in the Quicksands of Deep Time

The human footprints are real. Deep time is not.
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