Archive: Language Evolution, Tooth Evolution, Flood Myths, More

These articles from June 2002 still hold interest for CEH readers. What issues from 22 years ago remain the same today?

How to Survive as a Creationist in Science

Stay in the closet and accept evolution as God’s method of creation.

Darwinism Devalues Humanity

Like beasts, we only evolved to survive, say evolutionists. We have no inherent worth.

Life and Liberty Threatened

On Memorial Day in America, it's important to remember the roots of liberty.

Radiocarbon Can Interact With Biblical History

There were surprises when radiocarbon dates augmented studies of Iron Age Jerusalem.

Archive 2002: RNA, Vaporware, Mendel, and more

What has changed since May 2002? What remains the same?

Mad Scientists Threaten Humanity

Attempts to rein in scientist ambitions are too little, too late.

Is Terminal Lucidity a Window Into the Soul?

Patients with dementia sometimes "come back" briefly into lucid conversation. How is that possible?

Survival of the Nicest? Now They Tell Us.

Struggle for existence? No; love makes the world go round.

Wildflowers Illustrate Resurrection

Enjoy a beautiful new video for Easter from Illustra Media.

Archive: Wood, Gratitude, and Space Aliens

These stories from 2003 are still fun to read after 21 years. Read about wood, gratitude, and space alien morality.

Noah and Flood Get Media Exposure

Two events are presenting evidence for a global Flood and a floating craft that saved Noah's family.

Giant Sequoias Growing Tall in England

California's giant trees have a new habitat across the globe. What does this imply about geographic distribution?

Archive: Black Cats, Early Galaxies, Baghdad Batteries, and a Christian Geologist

These articles from early March 2003 show what CEH was reporting 21 years ago when the Iraq War was going on.

Archive: RNA Repair, Diatom Strength, AAAS Superstition

These articles from February 2003 give glimpses into the status of science 21 years ago.
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