The Fall of Big Science

You can't trust what Big Science says any more. It's up to individuals with integrity to rebuild science.

Archive 2002: RNA, Vaporware, Mendel, and more

What has changed since May 2002? What remains the same?

Astrobiology as a Drug

More extreme doses are required to keep the public addicted to their false hopes.

Mad Scientists Threaten Humanity

Attempts to rein in scientist ambitions are too little, too late.

Twisting Evidence Against Evolution Into Evidence For Evolution

Freed from serious critique by non-Darwinists, evolutionists can twist any data into support for their Darwinist ideology.

Lay Science Reporters Perpetuate Evolutionary Myths

Myths are homologous by common descent of mutations in logic. Or is that by design?

Archive: Neptune, Molecular Motors, Romance

These entries from May 2002, lost during a website upgrade, are reposted here for edification, amusement, or both.

Darwin’s Blunder Lives On

A major journal publishes a paper claiming that natural selection is like human engineering.

Calling It Evolution When It’s Not

Evolutionists' favorite word gets dragged into situations that don't involve speciation.

Another Fish Story That Is True

You'll be amazed at the power of a salmon's homing instinct in this short video.

Archive: First Land Animals, Lateral Gene Transfer, and Beetle Fans

Enjoy some of our posts from 22 years ago, which were lost during a website upgrade.

The Science of Being Wrong

In a process of continual correction, when does one get to certainty?

Archive: Caveman Rock, Body Time, Primate with Dinosaurs

Articles we printed in April 2002 lead to a question: have evolutionists changed in the last 22 years?

Overpopulation Scare Replaced by Falling Birth-Rate Crisis

 The "Population Bomb" scare was a dud. The opposite is now worrying scientists.

Tale of the Tail: Why the Human Coccyx Is Not a Vestigial Organ

Tall tales about the loss of the human tail continue to mislead.
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