Mad Scientists Threaten Humanity

Attempts to rein in scientist ambitions are too little, too late.

Archive: Eye Perfection, Whale Evolution, Altruism, Diamonds, Asteroid Life

These CEH articles from May 2002, lost in a website upgrade, are posted again here for amazement or amusement.

Twisting Evidence Against Evolution Into Evidence For Evolution

Freed from serious critique by non-Darwinists, evolutionists can twist any data into support for their Darwinist ideology.

Bursa: Not a Vestigial Organ

A seemingly useless tissue was often surgically removed until it was found to be very important.

Lay Science Reporters Perpetuate Evolutionary Myths

Myths are homologous by common descent of mutations in logic. Or is that by design?

Darwin’s Blunder Lives On

A major journal publishes a paper claiming that natural selection is like human engineering.

Archive: First Land Animals, Lateral Gene Transfer, and Beetle Fans

Enjoy some of our posts from 22 years ago, which were lost during a website upgrade.

The Science of Being Wrong

In a process of continual correction, when does one get to certainty?

Survival of the Nicest? Now They Tell Us.

Struggle for existence? No; love makes the world go round.

Apollo Astronaut Doubts Consensus Age of Moon

It started when he was told the same moon rock had two vastly different ages.

Overpopulation Scare Replaced by Falling Birth-Rate Crisis

 The "Population Bomb" scare was a dud. The opposite is now worrying scientists.

God Glorified in Solar Eclipse

Millions stood in awe of the April 8 solar eclipse but theists had the best time.

Archive: Tuatara, Eyes, Cells, Self-Organization, Astrobiology

More lost stories from the end of March 2002 are republished here. Topics: the tuatara, eyes, self-organization, cells, architecture.

Rethink of Genetics Supports ID over Darwinism

Out with junk DNA. Out with the Central Dogma. Make way for design thinking.

Darwin Was a Loser Before He Was Recast as a Legend

The Myth was not the man. A new book shows this in Darwin's own words.
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