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Here's a collection of short articles published by CEH in July 2001.

Evolutionary Psychology Refutes Itself

Why intelligent PhD psychologists cannot see this implicates Darwinism as a logic-destroying mind virus.

Ape and Human Y Chromosomes Compared

New genetic differences attributed to evolution, but evolutionary bias ignores designed function.

Closer Look Found Important Functions in Junk RNA

Did evolutionists' belief in genomic junk delay important discoveries?

SETI Pseudoscience Passes Peer Review

Impossibilities presented as probabilities and ignorance presented as science.

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Would you know some of these articles are "old news" from 23 years ago if you didn't see the dates? It appears that evolutionists have not changed much.

Did Darwin Plus Wallace Explain Butterfly Patterns?

Selectionism, whether natural or sexual, reduces science to storytelling.

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The following short articles were first published in June 2002.

Corrupt Big Science Needs to Clean House

The picture of institutional science as the paragon of objectivity is gone.

New Monotreme Fossils Fail to Support Evolution

Diversity discovered, but not an evolutionary progression as Darwinism requires.

Origin of Flowers: Evolutionists Don’t Even Know What They Don’t Know

A damaging preprint claims that data on the origin of flowers is heavily biased.

Error Correction: Simplistic Darwinism Misses the Point

Darwine addiction reduces the reasoning ability of scientists and creates tunnel vision.

A Creationist Offers Kind Words to Evolutionists

In one regard, Dr Bergman can compliment evolutionists. Aside from their blind spot, they often view reality accurately.

Ant What She Used to Be

Darwinians are masters at twisting evidence of stasis into tales of ancient evolution.

Don’t Add Mars to Your Bucket List

Unless you want to kick the bucket, Mars is not a good place for humans, or for anything alive.
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