Footprints in the Quicksands of Deep Time

The human footprints are real. Deep time is not.

How to Debunk Darwinian Bunk

These scientists don't even understand their own theory. They personify evolution!

Darwinian Storytelling Dumbs Down Media

How silly does an evolutionary story have to get before reporters revolt?

Archive: DNA Repair, Cambrian Fish, More

Here are some articles from the archives about DNA repair, media, butterflies and more.

Darwinian Materialism Is Destroying Science

The rejection of Biblical morality has consequences in due time.

Zombie Vestigial Organ Argument Arises

 The case of a "poorly designed organ" argument that was resurrected  … and then reburied!

Leviathan Was Real

They're not just sailors' tales. Sea monsters really existed.

Archive: Titan’s Young Atmosphere, More

These articles from January 2002 still hold interest for us all.

More Fossils Show Stasis, Not Evolution

Where's the evolution? In these creatures, fossils show complex parts already working.

How to Strip Useless Darwinese from Science Articles

It's a bad habit that adds nothing. Acid-wash the Darwinese from science.

Drunk Theory of the Brain Proposed

Humans got big brains from alcohol? What were these evolutionists drinking?

Evolution vs Climate

Let global warming come. There's nothing you can do about it. Evolution will take care of it, or not.

Back in Print: Bergman’s “Slaughter of the Dissidents” Series

5 volumes on discrimination have been reprinted. And is academia a meritocracy?

Clueless Scientists Ask Wrong Questions

By definition, you can't get a right answer to a wrong question.

New Book Presents C.S. Lewis as Warrior Against Evolutionary Naturalism

C.S. Lewis was the most effective anti-evolutionist of the last century.
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