New Monotreme Fossils Fail to Support Evolution

Diversity discovered, but not an evolutionary progression as Darwinism requires.

Archive: Flagellum, Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Crabs, Comets

Celebrate the summer solstice with these lost gems from CEH archives published in June 2002.

How to Be a Sapiens, Not Just a Homo

Darwinism cheapens human life, making us pawns of impersonal, uncaring forces.

Darwinism Devalues Humanity

Like beasts, we only evolved to survive, say evolutionists. We have no inherent worth.

Species Diversification Still an Evolutionary Puzzle

A look at another failed attempt by evolutionists to explain the origin of species.

Archive: Caveman Rock, Body Time, Primate with Dinosaurs

Articles we printed in April 2002 lead to a question: have evolutionists changed in the last 22 years?

Homo habilis ‘Handy Man’ Getting Fired

More evolutionists admit major problems exist with this fossil and its interpretation.

Footprints in the Quicksands of Deep Time

The human footprints are real. Deep time is not.

Drunk Theory of the Brain Proposed

Humans got big brains from alcohol? What were these evolutionists drinking?

Archive: Christmas Stories from 2005

Here are a couple of entries relating to Christmas from 18 years ago.

Human Evolution Dates Are Unreliable

Leading nature museum admits flaws in all dates for human ancestors.

Human Evolution Story Constantly Rethought

Nothing we were taught is true. Everything is up for revision.

Ancient DNA Speaks

Evolutionists are still not facing the challenge of ancient DNA to Deep Time.

Evolutionists Should Embrace Their Inner Gorilla

The Tarzan Movement would be ideal for evolutionists wanting to fulfill their destiny.

Human Population Bottleneck Admitted by Secular Geneticists

Secular scientists now claim that the human population almost died out. Does this match the Biblical record?
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