Radiocarbon Can Interact With Biblical History

There were surprises when radiocarbon dates augmented studies of Iron Age Jerusalem.

Billions of Dead Things: Planetary Rings

They're dead, and they're young, too. Rings are no place to look for life.

Jupiter’s Volcanic Moon Defies Deep Time

New photos of Io are in from Juno, prompting discussions of time.

Mutations Battle Living Fossils

Attempts to harmonize living fossil research with mutation research fail.

Intact Dinosaur Molecules Found

A skeptic's own lab proves that amino acids are from the original dinosaur.

Apollo Astronaut Doubts Consensus Age of Moon

It started when he was told the same moon rock had two vastly different ages.

Living Fossils Cannot Be Old

The living fossil myth: are they really 66 million years old?

Noah and Flood Get Media Exposure

Two events are presenting evidence for a global Flood and a floating craft that saved Noah's family.

Giant Sequoias Growing Tall in England

California's giant trees have a new habitat across the globe. What does this imply about geographic distribution?

JWST Sets Record for Early Mature Galaxies

The James Webb Space Telescope sees mature stars and galaxies too early for big bang theory.

Archive: Gates of the Cell, and More ID Evidence

These articles from March 2002 were interesting then and still are now.

Good-bye Anthropocene

Science cannot rid itself of human nature and politics.

The Stuff Happens Law in Geology

"Then something happened," say geologists who weren't there and didn't witness anything.

Two-Timers in the Darwin Party

Evolutionary rates vary by seven orders of magnitude. What kind of theory is that?

Swimming Lambeosaurs and Other Dino Headlines

Evolutionists continue hiding their solutions to puzzles in Deep Time.
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