Archive: Flagellum, Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Crabs, Comets

Celebrate the summer solstice with these lost gems from CEH archives published in June 2002.

Great Oxidation Myth Creates Absurdities

A falsified zombie scenario known as the GOE is not a solution to evolutionary problems. It is a problem itself.

Archive: Language Evolution, Tooth Evolution, Flood Myths, More

These articles from June 2002 still hold interest for CEH readers. What issues from 22 years ago remain the same today?

Archive: Mars, Pulsars, DNA, Mammals, More

These articles from late May 2002 still hold interest for CEH readers.

More Evidence Venus is Volcanically Active

Without plate tectonics, Venus should be dead, but lava has apparently been moving.

Archive: Ape Archaeology, Cat Psychology, Old DNA, and a Bridge

From May 2002, these articles are still informative and sometimes funny.

Astrobiology as a Drug

More extreme doses are required to keep the public addicted to their false hopes.

Archive: First Land Animals, Lateral Gene Transfer, and Beetle Fans

Enjoy some of our posts from 22 years ago, which were lost during a website upgrade.

Jupiter’s Volcanic Moon Defies Deep Time

New photos of Io are in from Juno, prompting discussions of time.

Intact Dinosaur Molecules Found

A skeptic's own lab proves that amino acids are from the original dinosaur.

Apollo Astronaut Doubts Consensus Age of Moon

It started when he was told the same moon rock had two vastly different ages.

Noah and Flood Get Media Exposure

Two events are presenting evidence for a global Flood and a floating craft that saved Noah's family.

Good-bye Anthropocene

Science cannot rid itself of human nature and politics.

The Stuff Happens Law in Geology

"Then something happened," say geologists who weren't there and didn't witness anything.

More Original Molecules Found in “Old” Fossils

The original color molecules from snails are still present after 12 million Darwin Years.
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