Desperately Seeking Macroevolution

With Intelligent Design critics hot on their heels, Darwinian evolutionists are hot to find transitional forms that they can exhibit as evidence for large-scale evolution (macroevolution).  A symposium on that very subject was held last October by the American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS), but a report on the conference did not come out till […]

Geological Truisms Questioned

Nothing is a constant in scientific theories.  Popular ideas often wind up historical anecdotes.  What will happen to these two popular concepts? Snowball Earth Melts:  The idea that prior to the emergence of complex life the Earth was frozen over has been given the colorful title, “Snowball Earth.”  Scientists at Imperial College, London, are questioning […]

Orchid Deception: Is It Evolution?

Orchids comprise the most exotic and diverse group of flowering plants.  Some 30,000 species strong, this group contains members with unusual sex organs.  Some have organs that look and smell like the female of the insect species that pollinate them.  They seduce the males without giving them a reward of nectar for their stopover.  How […]

Darwin Day Gift Ideas

Need ideas for that special someone on your shopping list?  With Darwin Day upon us (Feb. 12), it’s not too late to find the gift that’s just right for the occasion.  See our Top Ten list below. Top Ten Darwin Day Gift Ideas A blindfolded Tinker Bell doll (01/13/2006), or a Tinker Toy Set with […]

Darwinists Topple Darwin’s Tree of Life

Darwin’s “Tree of Life” is a myth.  It’s based on circular reasoning.  It is a pattern imposed on the data, not a fact emerging from the evidence.  We should give up the search for a single tree of life (TOL) as a record of the history of life on earth, because it is a “quixotic […]

Stardate: Destruction Estimate Was 0.1% Correct

According to a press release from JPL’s Spitzer Space Telescope team, the famous Eagle Nebula “Pillars of Creation” are eroding fast.  A supernova that was possibly witnessed by humans 1,000 to 2,000 years ago is sending a blast wave at the structures.  An earlier supernova that may have occurred 6,000 years ago has probably already […]

Frozen Storms in Sandstone

Impress your friends at the water cooler with this phrase: “hummocky cross-stratification.”  Let’s call this mouthful HCS and talk about it.  It has a story to tell.     HCS is a kind of geological formation characterized by alternating three-dimensional hummocks (convex up) and swales (convex down).  Discussed in the geological literature since the 1970s, […]

Fish Species in African Lake Diversified Rapidly

Two related articles in the Public Library of Science (PLoS) show that a large number of species can branch out of a small population in a short time.  Hobbyists familiar with tropical fish appreciate how wide is the variety found within Cichlids.  In the first article,1 the author alleged that in the last 15,000 years, […]

Darwin Can’t Find His Tree of Life

The “tree of life,” a branching pattern of evolutionary diversification, was the only illustration in Darwin’s Origin of Species.  In 1859, it only existed in his imagination as he speculated, with only circumstantial evidence based on similarities, that all living things descended from a common ancestor.  The fossil record did not show such a tree.  […]

Key Reference Rock Formed Five Times Faster than Thought

Strata in the Niagara Gorge, used as a reference for Silurian dating, formed much quicker than previously believed – in just 1/5 the time, according to a press release from Ohio State.  Bradley Cramer and his advisor Matthew Saltzmann used high-resolution carbon isotope stratigraphy to re-examine the rocks in the Niagara Gorge.  “Rocks that were […]

Quote: Chuck Norris Joke

Alleged Chuck Norris Fact: “There is no theory of evolution.  Just a list of creatures Chuck Norris has allowed to live.”  What does Chuck Norris himself think of this? It’s funny.  It’s cute.  But here’s what I really think about the theory of evolution: It’s not real.  It is not the way we got here.  […]

Does Darwin Play Dice?

Some recent scientific papers have spoken to the question of how big a role chance plays in Darwinism.  This issue was one of the key points of contention by early critics of Darwin’s theory.  Modern Darwinists argue whether evolution proceeds strictly by chance, or whether the environment constrains evolution to follow certain paths that lead […]

Evolutionary Anthropologists Seek to Study Christianity

According to a press release on EurekAlert, “Anthropologists have almost no track record of studying Christianity, a religion they have generally treated as not exotic enough to be of interest.”  This omission needs to be rectified, says Joel Robbins (UC San Diego): “Anthropologists, who are specialists in the study of religion outside the West, ought […]

Nothing in Evolution Makes Sense Except in the Light of Speculation

Welcome to an imaginary world of Red Queens, Green Beards and warring armies: the world of evolutionary theory.  Though its adherents work in prestigious universities and laboratories in the real world, they seem preoccupied with speculative visions of imaginative fitness landscapes – even when defending evolutionary theory as the best explanation for natural phenomena, and […]

Evolution Is Practically Useless, Admits Darwinist

Supporters of evolution often tout its many benefits.  They claim it helps research in agriculture, conservation and medicine (e.g., 01/13/2003, 06/25/2003).  A new book by David Mindell, The Evolving World: Evolution in Everyday Life (Harvard, 2006) emphasizes these practical benefits in hopes of making evolution more palatable to a skeptical society.  Jerry Coyne, a staunch […]
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