Ernst Boris Chain

by David F. Coppedge

For this scientist, we defer to Dr. Jerry Bergman, who has written an excellent short biography of Ernst Boris Chain at ICR.  Dr. Chain was a pioneer in the study of antibiotics, and was an ardent creationist and critic of Darwinism.  He called it “a typical product of the naive 19th century euphoric attitude to the potentialities of science which spread the belief that there were no secrets of nature which could not be solved by the scientific approach given only sufficient time.”  As concerning creation, he said, “Apes, after all, unlike man, have not produced great prophets, philosophers, mathematicians, writers, poets, composers, painters and scientists.  They are not inspired by the divine spark which manifests itself so evidently in the spiritual creation of man and which differentiates man from animals.”  Be sure to read the entire article on Ernst Boris Chain at the ICR website.

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