Walter Lammerts, botanist

Walter Lammerts

1904 - 1996
by David F. Coppedge

Walter Lammerts, geneticist and famous rose breeder, lived through the era when the Neo-Darwinian Synthesis was formulated, yet staunchly opposed evolutionary theory and fought to establish creation science as a solid research program. This short sketch is from Don DeYoung’s book, Pioneer Explorers of Intelligent Design (BMH Books, 2006), pp. 29-30.

The Queen Elizabeth Rose bred by Lammerts

Walter Lammerts (1904-1996) was the first president of the Creation Research Society. This unique organization began in 1963 for the purpose of promoting the creation worldview. With hundreds of member scientists worldwide, the society encourages the research and publication of creation topics. Lammerts was brought up in Washington and California in an agricultural family. He learned horticulture first hand, and went on to earn a Ph.D. in plant genetics. Lammerts joined the faculty at UCLA and over the years became a world-class expert on rose breeding. He is credited with introducing 46 new rose varieties. Some varieties have exotic names such as Chrysler Imperial and Queen Elizabeth. Lammerts was bold in his stand for a young earth, a global flood, and the creation of all living things “after their kind,” a phrase from Genesis 1. He was a talented scientist who effectively defended God’s Word for nearly a century.

The Creation Research Society is still in existence and publishes both a quarterly peer-reviewed science journal, the CRS Quarterly, and a bimonthly newsletter, Creation Matters. The latter often contains selections from this website, Creation-Evolution Headlines, in a section called “Speaking of Science.” Our readers are encouraged to become members of the CRS and subscribe to both publications of this venerable organization which has published doctorate-level evidence supporting creation for over 50 years.

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