Darwin’s Blunder Lives On

A major journal publishes a paper claiming that natural selection is like human engineering.

Magical Thinking by Evolutionists

Natural selection is a magic wand to evolutionists. It creates scientists from fish.

Survival of the Nicest? Now They Tell Us.

Struggle for existence? No; love makes the world go round.

Darwinism Rationalizes Bad Habits

You can't help yourself. You're a victim of selection.

Two-Timers in the Darwin Party

Evolutionary rates vary by seven orders of magnitude. What kind of theory is that?

Fake News: This Fossil Was Painted On

Another fake fossil used to document evolution has been exposed.

Rampant Fraud in Science Grows

The epidemic of fraud in science hits an all-time high.

How to Debunk Darwinian Bunk

These scientists don't even understand their own theory. They personify evolution!

How to Strip Useless Darwinese from Science Articles

It's a bad habit that adds nothing. Acid-wash the Darwinese from science.

The Darwinist Genocide in Tasmania

The extinction of the Tasmanians was another egregious example of the fruits of Darwinism.

New Book on Scopes Trial Exposes Racism

This is the first book documenting the fact that the Scopes Trial was, at its heart, about racism.

Archive: In 2004, Big Science Worried that Democrats Vastly Outnumber Republicans

The journal Science said 19 years ago that the lopsided political views in academia marginalizes conservatives.

Darwinism Played a Central Role in Nazi Crimes

—A fact documented by a new study published by the leading medical journal The Lancet.

Darwinism, an Excuse for Lazy Thinking

Just say it evolved because of selective pressure, and your work is done.

Archive: Darwin Can’t Find His Tree of Life

This article from November 2006 is one of many falsifications of Darwinism. Yet like zombies, the Darwinians keep rising from the tombs and stalking the town.
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