Three More Fossils Appear Earlier Than Thought

They appear earlier than thought, but show no sign of evolutionary transition.

Fossils Too Perfect for Deep Time

Evolutionists never question the vast ages for fossils that are exquisitely preserved.

Researchers, Stop Kowtowing to the Darwin Party

It's not necessary to say that the biological system you're studying "evolved." Drop the habit and your science will improve.

Explaining Mammals: “Origination” as a Darwin Dodge

Where did mammals come from? They "originated." What kind of scientific explanation is that?

Big Whale and Bigger Evolutionary Tale

Scientists aren't sure what they are looking at, but evolution isn't helping.

Evolution Media: Dogma First, Then Puzzles

Evolution is a fact! Got that? If so, now you are ready for the difficulties.

Amber Fossils: Comparing Explanations

Explaining a fossil's history is not an observation; it is an inference from assumptions.

Early Chordate Squeezes Darwin

A new fossil chordate puts even more bang in the Cambrian explosion.

Cambrian Explosion Crisis Worsens

If evolutionary ancestors of complex animals had existed, they would have been preserved. They aren't found.

Evolutionists Fudge Evidence to Glorify Darwin

The flimsiest evidence gets co-opted for use in daily celebrations of King Charley.

Another Fully-Formed Pterosaur Reported

Like all the others, this Aussie pterosaur was already fully equipped for powered flight.

Cambrian Fossil Misidentified

Fossils do not interpret themselves. It takes fallible humans.

Comb Jellies Take the Lead Over Sponges!

Comb jellies pull ahead in an endless game to earn the title Last Common Ancestor of All Animals

Darwinians Struggle with Dinosaur Soft Tissue

They admit it exists, but can only make up stories to explain how it might last tens of millions of years.

Soft Tissue Not Explained by Dead Fish Experiments

Smelly dead fish fail to explain why minerals replace bones, let alone why original tissue would remain.
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