Archive 2002: RNA, Vaporware, Mendel, and more

What has changed since May 2002? What remains the same?

Archive: Eye Perfection, Whale Evolution, Altruism, Diamonds, Asteroid Life

These CEH articles from May 2002, lost in a website upgrade, are posted again here for amazement or amusement.

Archive: DNA, Insects, Human Body, Fossils

These stories from March 2003 are useful for comparing what science was saying 21 years ago with discoveries since then.

Fake News: This Fossil Was Painted On

Another fake fossil used to document evolution has been exposed.

Year of the Dragon: Real Dragons Lived

Scientists—not cryptozoologists—are calling this beast a dragon.

Ignoring the Sauropod in the Room

Evolutionists continue to ignore dinosaur soft tissue as they pontificate about fossilization.

More Original Molecules Found in “Old” Fossils

The original color molecules from snails are still present after 12 million Darwin Years.

Winged Darwin: Pterosaur Diversity, But No Ancestor

A lizard could not just take off like a bird. Flight specs are required!

Homo habilis ‘Handy Man’ Getting Fired

More evolutionists admit major problems exist with this fossil and its interpretation.

Leviathan Was Real

They're not just sailors' tales. Sea monsters really existed.

More Fossils Show Stasis, Not Evolution

Where's the evolution? In these creatures, fossils show complex parts already working.

Human Evolution Story Constantly Rethought

Nothing we were taught is true. Everything is up for revision.

Bird Tracks Found in Early Dinosaur Strata

Either a dinosaur walked on bird feet, or evolutionists are way off on their story of bird origins.

Three More Fossils Appear Earlier Than Thought

They appear earlier than thought, but show no sign of evolutionary transition.

Fossils Too Perfect for Deep Time

Evolutionists never question the vast ages for fossils that are exquisitely preserved.
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