Is Materialism Starting to Crack?

Some papers in journals offer hope that materialist assumptions are weakening.

Illustra Shares Peace and Hope

Illustra media's newest short film invites one to dwell on good things for a few minutes.

Hope Needs a Reason

Hope is good for you. But hope in what?

What Makes Good Friday So Good?

La Mirada films reinforces the victory of Christ over death in a series of educational, inspiring films.

Creation Helps One Endure Hardship

Jeanne Tomlinson shares how she learned that creation helps a person endure suffering and trials.

Theology Affects Society

One's beliefs about God affect everything from criminal justice to personal hope.

Having a Purpose in Life Can Be Healthy

Who spends more time in the hospital? People with nothing to live for.

Secular Evolution as an Accessory to School Violence

No morals, no purpose, no consequences – the evolutionary view is just asking for trouble.
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