The Science of Being Wrong

In a process of continual correction, when does one get to certainty?

Philosopher Debunks Scientism But Falls Into His Own Pit

It's not necessary to be a scholar in academia to recognize logical blunders. It just takes common sense.

Good-bye Anthropocene

Science cannot rid itself of human nature and politics.

Not Funny: The Evolution of Humor

If humor is just an evolutionary behavioral artifact, why laugh?

Slaphappy Darwin Day

Darwin's 215th birthday is celebrated with giddy worship lubricated with copious libations of Darwine.

Darwinian Materialism Is Destroying Science

The rejection of Biblical morality has consequences in due time.

Researchers, Stop Kowtowing to the Darwin Party

It's not necessary to say that the biological system you're studying "evolved." Drop the habit and your science will improve.

Archive: Material Girls (and Boys) in a Material World Are Not Happy Campers

This article was published twenty years ago on Sept 7, 2003.

Good Science Still Flourishing Without Darwinism

Take heart at the good things that are coming from Darwin-free research, especially findings that improve our lives.

How Scientists Can Reconnect With the Public

View academia like a member of the public would: what a concept.

Scientists: Often Wrong, Rarely Humble

What other career allows one to be totally wrong but proud of it?

The Brain Is Not Conscious

Consciousness uses the brain, but the brain's physical matter cannot explain reason.

How to Write Imperfect Nonsense Using Evolution: Cheat

Evolutionary theory, with its Stuff Happens Law, makes nonsense more probable than sense.

Rethink Science

If scientists knew as much as they think they do, they wouldn't be rethinking so many things so often.

The Hard Problem With Evolutionary Consciousness Theories

A new proposal to solve the hard problem of consciousness misses the real problem: evolutionary materialism.
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