Empty Words: Convergent Evolution

"Convergent Evolution" is an attempt to explain the inexplicable by Darwinian processes.

Planning Your Next Revolutionary Invention

To innovate something people will want, follow the leader: the Creator of living creatures.

Surprises from the Ocean

News from marine biology and geology are unexpected from a long-age, evolutionary perspective.

Animal PhDs in Physics

Many animals and plants have mastered physics and chemistry. Engineers would do well to learn from them.

"Extreme Convergence" Strains Credibility of Darwinism

When completely unrelated animals or plants display the same engineering solution, is it reasonable to assume a blind, unguided process of selection achieved improbable outcomes multiple times? Is calling it "convergent evolution" meaningful? Here are three examples.

Animal Models for Technology

Animals and microbes continue to inspire technologies that could provide better health and security.
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