January 20, 2002 | David F. Coppedge

Scientists Yank Obama’s Chain

51; As President Obama takes office today, having said he will restore science to its rightful place, he will have the scientific community anxious to get their agenda on his table.  Nature News said, “Scientific groups are actively pushing their argument that modernizing the nation’s scientific infrastructure could help create the skilled workforce needed to address challenges such as global warming.”  His newly-chosen secretary of the EPA, Lisa Jackson, has promised to make that issue central in her tenure (see US News).  Nature also printed a commentary called, “Your inbox, Mr. President.”  In a swipe at the former administration, the subtitle read, “Rejuvenate the Environmental Protection Agency.  End the stem-cell ban.  Re-engage with the UN on climate change.  Six leading voices tell Nature what the new US president needs to do to move beyond the Bush legacy,” even though in his closing days in office Bush set aside the largest marine preserve in history.  The magazine did, however, include two issues from the Bush presidency that must continue: fighting AIDS, and preventing terrorists from building a nuclear bomb.  Nevertheless, they are clearly tantalized with the promised flow of dough from the left-leaning administration: “Science tipped to score in Obama cash stimulus,” wrote Jeff Tollefson in Nature News.  That’s what the British science journal had to say; the latest issue of the American journal Science said nothing about the new administration – yet.

Keep the redcoats out of the US treasury.  Whose money do they think this is?  No taxation without representation.

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