December 11, 2003 | David F. Coppedge

Damadian Gets Consolation Prize

Calling Raymond Damadian a “Nobel protestor,” Nature Science Update reported that, as predicted, he did not get the Nobel Prize at Wednesday’s ceremony in Stockholm.  The Nobel Committee does not change their decisions.  “But Damadian will not end today empty-handed,” Helen Pearson for NSU reports.  “A Swedish inventors’ group called Id�-Forum, based in �rnsk�ldsvik, is flying out to New York to present him with a gold medal in the fields of physics and technology at the Melville headquarters of his company Fonar.”

As if to say, Sorry you didn’t get the Olympic gold; here’s a foil-covered chocolate medallion from your friends.  Pearson repeats the common media compromise myth that “though Damadian’s concept was important,” it was the other guys’ work that was essential to MRI.  Will the revisionists succeed in burying the facts?  Only if we let them.  See also the Dec. 3 and Oct. 10 headlines, and the historical documentation on MRI at Fonar Corporation.  Damadian has remarked that in the old days, when he had to fight international corporations from stealing his patent and convince reporters of the priority of his discovery, he was at the mercy of biased reporters.  Now at least he can use the World Wide Web to get the truth out.

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