December 2, 2003 | David F. Coppedge

Dinosaur Family Tracks Discovered

A set of dinosaur tracks of different sizes pointing in the same direction has been found on the Isle of Skye, reports the BBC News.  It seems to indicate one adult and 10 juveniles, all of the same species, were moving together.  To Neil Clark, curator of the Glasgow Museum, these tracks tell a story – not only that a mom hatched her young, but that they continued their family ties for some time: “It’s extremely rare to find evidence of post-hatching parental care in dinosaurs,” he said.  “To my knowledge, there are no other examples of ornithopod prints showing juveniles and adults moving as a group like this.  There is certainly evidence of juvenile ornithischian dinosaurs with adults from the same geological horizon, but not with such a clear relationship.”

Observation: tracks of various sizes moving in one direction.  Conclusion: this was a loving family of dinosaurs, with loyal children gently following their tender mother up the beach.  Are such stories justified by the evidence?  Why not try my version: “Run, kids!  The water’s rising!”

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