December 10, 2003 | David F. Coppedge

Stupid Evolution Quote of the Week: Antibody Evolution

The Dec. 11 issue of Nature1 has an article on antibodies and how scientists are learning to make designer editions of them.  Pete Moore and Julie Clayton write (emphasis added):

Antibodies not only protect us from infection, they have been exploited for years in the laboratory � in diagnostic tests, to purify proteins and as the workhorses of cell biology to detect, locate and identify cellular proteins.  Designed by evolution to recognize and bind virtually any molecule that could exist, what more could we ask of them?  Quite a lot, it seems.  To meet the demands of today’s researchers and drug developers, antibodies are being cut down to size, tweaked into new shapes, and manufactured in entirely new ways.

1Pete Moore and Julie Clayton, “To affinity and beyond,” Nature 426, 725 – 731 (11 December 2003); doi:10.1038/426725a.

The authors praise the technology of the antibody system, which presumably arose by chance, then say humans, using intelligent design, are making them even better.  Go figure.  Should this quote get the prize, or the one from the end of the entry on Monday? (see Dec. 8 headline).
    Darwinists invariably assume evolution rather than demonstrate it.  They are so blind to their own circular reasoning that to even call them on it produces a quizzical look.  “Designed by evolution,” antibodies protect, detect, and adapt to any molecule that could exist.  What’s so strange about that?

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