December 8, 2003 | David F. Coppedge

Well, Duh  Dept.

News flash from the University of Warwick!  A psychologist has figured out that the “spiritual meaning of Christmas brings more happiness than materialism.”  The article headline begins, “Religious people are happier than those without spirituality in their life, says psychologist Dr. Stephen Joseph from the University of Warwick, and those who celebrate the original, Christian, meaning of Christmas are, on the whole, happier than those who primarily celebrate the festive season with consumer gifts.”

Thank you, Dr. Joseph, for telling us this profound scientific discovery.  Now tell the organizers of the Darwin Party Holiday Party, who really have nothing left but materialism (in both senses of the word).  Maybe they can start on the road to recovery by ripping off the Darwin additions to the fish symbol, and decorating their halls with Christmas trees instead of phylogenetic trees.
    Speaking of the “holiday party” concept as a symbol of the de-Christianizing of Christmas rampant in our day, here’s a campaign that prominent Jewish spokesperson Dennis Prager suggests: get your company to rename its “holiday party” back to “Christmas party” like it used to be.  (Yes, that’s right; a Jew supports Christmas parties.)  Now you can add another good reason to Prager’s invincible logic: it’s for your co-workers’ psychological health.

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