January 12, 2004 | David F. Coppedge

Your Bacteria Ancestors

Dr. Peter Antonelli thinks he has mathematically proven that all multicellular organisms, including plants and animals and human beings, came from two ancient bacteria that met and formed a stable, consistent relationship.  His boast is explained on a University of Alberta press release.  He thinks most biologists don’t comprehend his mathematical models yet, but EurekAlert thinks it all adds up.  Next, Antonelli is working on a unified mathematical model of ecological evolution.

Antonelli seems to be a member of the Margulis sect of the Darwin Party.  The Woese sect will probably respond with their champion.  Numbers will crunch, but will the truth come out?  Don’t count on it.  Math could also distinguish which of any two mythologies are more likely.  We have a mathematical model that trumps all evolutionary myths with a sober reality check: click here.

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