February 27, 2004 | David F. Coppedge

Evolution Is Like the Matrix Revolutions

Matthew L. Albert enjoyed the Matrix movies.  In his review in the Feb. 20 issue of Science,1 he thought the movies were parallels of evolutionary biology.  The machines keeping the rebels alive are like retroviruses, he thinks: “These retroviruses are responsible in part for our evolution, while other retroviruses are attacking us.  So, who is in control?  The films illustrate the absurdity of this question.  We can no more get along without our retroviruses than the rebels can survive without their machines.”
    He did have a complaint, though: “Critics may have difficulty looking past the trilogy’s not-so-subtle biblical references….”  Nevertheless, Albert is at work at the movies: “I will continue combing pop culture for insights into the natural world.”

1Matthew L. Albert, “Immunology: Danger in Wonderland,” Science Volume 303, Number 5661, Issue of 20 Feb 2004, p. 1141.

Get a real job, Matt.

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  • bem49 says:

    Perhaps Matt had the wrong interpretation. Maybe most people are slaves to the darwinist Architects that manufactured a dream world where evolution is a fact, while us rebels see the flaws in evolutionary thinking and try to unplug people from this. They send Smiths to maintain order but we have ID Neos that fight (debate) them. The prophesy-believing Morpheus who seems silly ends up being correct over the rational Commander that only trusted in his reasoning and the physical. Unfortunately, instead of co-existing in peace, this war continues with dominance, but we will see what happens at the very end.

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