April 22, 2004 | David F. Coppedge

Dinosaur Extinction Theory #481b

Let’s try another one.  Temperature imbalances after the asteroid impact 65 million years ago caused cooler global temperatures.  This caused more eggs to hatch male, since in reptiles, egg temperatures can influence the sex of the hatchlings.  So a shortage of females gradually led to the extinction of the dinosaurs.
    Why, then, didn’t crocodiles go extinct? ask critics of this new hypothesis by researchers at Leeds University (see BBC News).  They answer: “These animals live at the intersection of aquatic and terrestrial environments, in estuarine waters and river beds, which might have afforded some protection against the more extreme effects of environmental change, hence giving them more time to adapt.
    How did Arctic dinosaurs survive for so long, then? (see 03/29/2004 entry).  Don’t ask.

This latest attempt was probably in response to the revelation that the dinosaur extinction was 300,000 years after the assumed date of the Yucatan impact (see 09/25/2003 entry).
    Evolutionists raise their stories up the flagpole to see if anyone salutes.  Usually, instead, the only salute is 21 guns shooting it down.  Meanwhile, popular news reports, like this story at MSNBC, get excited any time a science story has the word “sex” in it.
    This tale, like others, fails to explain why most of the extinction was among marine organisms.  According to the BBC article, a critic said, “More than 50% of all species that lived prior to the mass extinction were wiped out.  In fact, the dinosaurs were not among the most numerous of the casualties – the worst hit organisms were those in the oceans.”  What about them?  And what about the marine reptiles?  Why was the extinction selective for some reptiles and not others?  Why isn’t the Bible’s explanation ever considered, when it doesn’t have these problems?

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