April 16, 2004 | David F. Coppedge

The Spin on a New Planet

Planetary scientists are “completely baffled” by a new “mysterious” planetoid named Sedna, discovered March 15.  About 70% the diameter of Pluto, it has no moon like Pluto does, but rotates very slowly – somewhere between 20 and 50 days – which would normally imply the presence of a satellite.  Most small bodies rotate in a few hours.  Co-discoverer Mike Brown of Caltech expressed, “I’m completely baffled at the absence of a moon.  This is outside the realm of expectation and makes Sedna even more interesting.  But I simply don’t know what it means.”

We don’t know what it means, either, but if scientists can still be completely baffled by observable things, how can we trust evolutionists’ chutzpah about unobservable things that they claim happened billions of years ago?

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