June 2, 2004 | David F. Coppedge

Movie  Jesus: Fact or Fiction?

At a large rally at Biola University June 1, the Jesus Film Project, in collaboration with the university, announced a new DVD entitled Jesus: Fact or Fiction?.  Each household at the rally received a free copy.  Half of the DVD contains the full length Jesus film, a project that has been translated into more languages (857) and seen by more viewers (5.7 billion) than any other movie.  The other half is a “Journey” of faith, exploring frequently-asked questions about Christianity, God, science, the Bible, and philosophy, answered by 18 scholars, including Ravi Zacharias, Craig Hazen, Paul Maier, and others.  It includes answers to scientific questions about evolution and design by William Dembski, Lee Strobel and more.  Also embedded are true-life stories of Christians from a variety of walks of life explaining their own journeys of faith.  Speakers at the event, a kick-off for a summer lecture series, included Craig Hazen, Frank Pastore, John Mark Reynolds, Lee Strobel, J.P. Moreland and others.

This is a nicely-packaged, interactive, well-designed, low-key and attractive tool for discussing the important questions about God, origins, faith, the problem of pain, forgiveness, and eternity in a non-threatening way.  The answers to questions are excellent.  A better line-up of credible scholars could hardly be gathered.  The interactive layout keeps you wanting to find out more.  Watch it and you will be ordering dozens, if not hundreds, to hand out to neighbors, friends and work associates.

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