June 11, 2004 | David F. Coppedge

Science Remembers Reagan

In commemoration of Ronald Reagan on the day of national memorial service, Science Now reproduced four quotes from the former President’s policy statements on science.

The leftist editors of the Darwin Party mouthpiece Science couldn’t resist dredging up the oft-ridiculed quote about trees causing air pollution, which they cited from the leftist-environmentalist Sierra Club’s magazine.  We remind our readers, however, that Reagan’s claim was vindicated by scientists (see 03/17/2003 headline).
    The quotes provided by ScienceNow were offered with no praise for all Reagan had done.  They were just reproduced in sterile, colorless starkness as if to fulfill an obligation at best, or get in a subtle jab at worst.  Shame on Science.  Reagan, by hastening the end of the Cold War, did more to liberate science than any world leader.  Ask the scientists that were incarcerated behind the iron curtain whether they appreciate his calling the Soviet Union the evil empire it was.  Ask also the American scientists that were hindered from collaborating with east-bloc counterparts for those Communist-dominated decades if they appreciate the opportunity now to attend science conferences in Moscow freely, and have former enemies as friends.  Ask the scientific institutions that profited from the economic boom of the 1980s.
    NASA TV, to its credit, broadcast all during the week excerpts from historic speeches by Reagan that showed his support for the space program.  Scientists of all stripes should join in celebrating the life of Ronald Reagan, who demonstrated that there is far more to being a man and making a difference in the world than having a technical PhD or being able to manipulate equations.
    The dignified, artistic and unashamedly religious honors being paid to Ronald Reagan today in the National Cathedral derive from a worldview that exalts God as Creator and the individual person as His unique creation for whom He cares.  Atheists must stand in silence at this spectacle, having no hope or joy that can compare to Amazing Grace3, the Sermon on the Mount, the Puritan sermon by John Winthrop, the Battle Hymn of the Republic and the promise of Jesus Christ, “I am the resurrection and the life.”  To the leader who ended every speech with “God bless America,” we say “Thank you, Mr. President.”
    We also ask God’s blessing on our current president who, understanding Reagan’s influence and legacy as expressed in his moving eulogy today, must also show courageous leadership in battling another evil empire – one that again threatens not only science, but life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness of everyone around the world.  The leftist liberals who dominate scientific institutions, who are clueless about what really matters in life,2 should step aside and put their hands over their mouths.  If America is allowed to remain the shining city on a hill, all people, including scientists, will bask in that light.

2Jared Diamond (UCLA) this week in Nature (June 10), for instance, attributed the differences in the prosperity of nations entirely to geographical factors and natural resources.  He discounted almost entirely the bad ideas, false ideologies and lies – and the dictatorships built on them – that are far more responsible for limiting the ability of people to fulfill their potential.  Was it not the power of great ideas that was celebrated by the world at today’s solemn ceremonies?
3The hymns heard in the services for Ronald Reagan were on a totally different wavelength from the Darwin Party propaganda channel, which only plays reruns out of the Evolution Songbook.  Imagine the consternation of a Darwinian watching the whole country focused on these majestic hymns: God of Our Fathers; Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me; Softly and Tenderly Jesus Is Calling; Just As I Am; Jesus, Lover of My Soul; Abide With Me; Fairest Lord Jesus, Ruler of All Nature; Battle Hymn of the Republic; Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty; When I Survey the Wondrous Cross; Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me; Faith of Our Fathers; More Love to Thee, O Christ; My Faith Looks Up to Thee and God Bless America.  You can look up the words to these and thousands of other hymns in the Cyber Hymnal.

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