August 6, 2004 | David F. Coppedge

Kansas Elects Two ID-Friendly School Board Members

According to John Calvert writing for Access Research Network, Kansans defeated two pro-evolution candidates for the state school board, electing instead Kathy Martin and Steve Abrams who both oppose the “evolution-only” policy.
    Martin won against Bruce Wyatt, an incumbent who based his entire campaign on the need to keep intelligent design or creation out of the classroom.  Apparently voters tired of Wyatt’s one-issue campaign and took more of a liking to Kathy Martin, an experienced school teacher who tried to keep the campaign focused on the needs of students instead of letting it get bogged down over the “E” word.
    Despite her efforts, Wyatt and the media kept returning to the evolution vs. intelligent design issue, reminding everyone what a horrible decision the school board made in 1999 when they “downplayed” evolution.  The strategy apparently backfired.  Calvert feels the vote is significant because “it also reflects a defeat of the media that seemed to try their best to hinder the election of Martin and Abrams.”

Darwin Party hacks should realize that the public may tire of their tirades, and demand that their board stop the haggling and focus on educating their kids to read and write and learn to become productive members of society.  But the new board members had better get their armor on; round two of the Kansas Ooze-slinging Attack Campaign will begin as soon as they give any faint hint of a suggestion of opening minds to doubts about Charlie darling.

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