January 18, 2005 | David F. Coppedge

Remember to Exercise, and You’ll Remember More

Old dogs can remember old tricks and learn new ones, say researchers from the National Institutes of Health.  According to an article on EurekAlert, the secret is a program of diet, exercise and stimulating environments.
    Scientists got snoopy about old beagles, and found their brains could remain in tip-top shape with lifestyle adjustments.  These included diets with fruits and vegetables and antioxidants, stimulating environments and social interaction with other dogs.  This combination probably works for humans, too, and looks like it can stave off some of the degenerative effects of aging.  “This research brings a note of optimism that there are things that we can do that may significantly improve our cognitive health,” said one of the researchers (emphasis added).  Of the positive factors, the scientists also found that more was better.

Pack a healthy lunch in a day pack and drive off with a group of friends to a trail head in God’s great outdoors – why, that’s the recipe for Creation Safaris.  Doesn’t this picture look healthy?  How about an encore?  Here’s proof that more is better.  It doesn’t have to be all strenuous, though.  Relaxation can be healthy, too.

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