February 7, 2005 | David F. Coppedge

ID. Article Makes N.Y. Times

Michael Behe got a full-length column in the New York Times (reproduced at Discovery.com) to present the case for intelligent design.  The EvolutionNews blog says it is the second most emailed article from that day’s edition, and asks, “Who says there’s no controversy?”

Which side wants to air the debate?  Which side wants to shut off debate?  What does that tell you?
    Sample line from Behe’s op-ed: “Still, some critics claim that science by definition can’t accept design, while others argue that science should keep looking for another explanation in case one is out there.  But we can’t settle questions about reality with definitions, nor does it seem useful to search relentlessly for a non-design explanation of Mount Rushmore….”

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