June 23, 2005 | David F. Coppedge

Croc Teeth Bite Fatal Wound into Dino Phylogeny

This line sounds serious: “We have pretty much erased the record of Triassic ornithischian dinosaurs from North America, Europe and worldwide, except for South America.”  This is what William Parker said about his find of a complete Revueltosaurus fossil in Arizona that upsets the leading story of the rise of the ornithischian dinosaurs (one of two major dinosaur groups).  The fossil, earlier known only from teeth, was presumed to be a dinosaur, but now has been found to be mostly crocodilian.  What damage this does to assumptions about dinosaur evolution is explained by EurekAlert and LiveScience.com.

It is wondrous how Darwinians get their ability to build epic tales, animated features and all, on such flimsy data as a few teeth.  If they can’t even get the class of an animal right from the teeth, how can they tell us all about the age, and which ancestor begat which?  When the wrong story was assumed, for so long, and passed the peer review of children’s picture books, how much confidence does this give a reasonable observer that other figments of the story have validity?
    Dinosaur evolution theories will survive this catastrophic impact, as Darwinian tales always do; in fact, the vacancy left behind may open up more niches for rapid diversification of new plot lines.  This is known as adaptive radiation.  Any Darwinian with this positive spin rolling around in his head has evolutionary theory in a nut shell. 

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