June 28, 2005 | David F. Coppedge

Small Wonder: Tubulin Visualized Up Close

Science Daily printed a neat story about microtubules, complete with a 3D visualization of how the protein components are arranged.  They are not just ropes or chains, but complex cylinders of precise parts.  Scientists are starting to get an idea of why they continually grow and shrink within the cell.  The process allows them to “explore their cellular environment to find their goals,” and is coordinated by numerous genes and protein parts.  Microtubules form the cell’s superhighway (see 04/13/2005 and 12/04/2003 entries), and are also critical in cell division for winching chromosomes into the daughter cells (see 04/30/2005 entry).

We like to keep pointing out research projects with no need for mentioning evolution, that fit within a design approach.  The cell provides plenty of examples.  Here are two more: waterwheels (12/22/2003), quality control (12/20/2003), and many, many others in the chain links on Cell Biology and Amazing Stories.  Every person, from philosopher to man on the street, should ponder such things.

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