July 15, 2005 | David F. Coppedge

Another Dead Sea Scroll Fragment Discovered

“A secretive encounter with a Bedouin in a desert valley” has produced a fragment of the Bible transcribed nearly two millennia ago, reported MSNBC News.  The fragment, a portion of Leviticus on parchment, was found near the Dead Sea, and “has given rise to hope that the Judean Desert may yield more treasures.”  The artifact dates from the period of the Bar Kochba revolt in the second century of the Roman Empire.  This is the first discovery of its kind since the 1960s.  The archaeologist reluctantly paid a Bedouin for the fragment for fear it would otherwise be lost.

The land of the Bible remains a buried treasure.  Only a small percentage of potential sites have been explored, and only a small fraction of artifacts have been uncovered.  Each fragment found in this politically-troubled land has enormous potential to shed light on the greatest story ever told.

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