July 16, 2005 | David F. Coppedge

Tulsa Zoo Tolerates Religion &#150 Except the Bible Kind

It’s OK to praise the Hindu god Ganesha and preach pantheism at the Tulsa zoo, but not to mention Genesis.  The zoo board reversed itself after first agreeing to permit an exhibit of the biblical creation account, reported Agape Press.  Christian supporters argued that the zoo “already features religious symbols in other displays, including a statue of an elephant-like, Hindu deity.”  It seemed that it was only fair to add the Judeo-Christian creation account to the mix.  At first the zoo agreed, but exhibit designer Dan Hicks thinks the board caved in to special interest groups:

Hicks believes the Tulsa Park and Recreation Board that originally approved the creation display for the zoo ultimately caved in to the demands of a vocal minority.  He contends that the Interfaith Alliance, Tulsa Metropolitan Ministries and others of “these groups that claim to be all about tolerance and inclusion” are actually “more like political action committees affiliated with Americans United for Separation of Church and State.”

Answers in Genesis also had stern comments about the reversal.  Polls showed that 76% of the public favored the Genesis display.  The Hindu-pantheistic exhibit proclaimed, “The Earth is our mother, the sky is our father.”

Tolerance in our culture has a very specific meaning: it means forcing Christians, with their hands tied behind their backs and their mouths gagged, to endure witnessing every weird, depraved or wicked viewpoint paraded in front of them, without recourse, with the mantras “separation of church and state!” or “evolution is a fact!” shouted endlessly if they appear tempted to resist, to see how much they will tolerate.  When the victims appear ready to burst their bands and fight back, they smile and pretend that they didn’t really mean it and only wanted to be inclusive.  Pacified, the victims relax for another round.  Now that you know this, you will understand liberalism much better.

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