September 13, 2005 | David F. Coppedge

Who Needs a Big Bang?

Noted in passing: there are astronomers who don’t accept the Big Bang theory.  Spaceflight Now had an article denying that the WMAP microwave data supports the big bang.  Also, a small but active Alternative Cosmology Group decries the “unjustified limiting of cosmological funding to work within the Big Bang framework.”  They held their meetings last month.

When the leading model is called ungainly by its own supporters (06/18/2003, 05/15/2003, 05/02/2003, 03/06/2003), and has to invoke three major fudge factors (inflation, dark matter and dark energy) to stay in business (06/20/2003), how long before the theory itself goes bang?  Remember the prominent commentator who said the majority cosmologists are clueless (10/06/2004)?  In science, majorities are not always right (see 02/06/2003 on Grote Reber); but that doesn’t make these particular minorities right, either.  The mavericks are very vocal and confident, though (see 12/06/2004).  It should be an interesting year to see whether the empire strikes back (see “Dork Side of the Farce,” 06/20/2003 commentary).

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