December 28, 2005 | David F. Coppedge

Abortion Pill Can Kill

An ugly secret has come out of the abortion drug mifepristone known as RU486.  It can kill normal, healthy women, and its approval by the FDA involved procedural violations that overlooked known safety concerns at the time.  Source: Annals of Pharmacotherapy news release (see also EurekAlert).  The research paper by Margaret M. Gary, MD and Donna J. Harrison, MD1 examined 607 cases from the FDA’s Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS):

RESULTS: The most frequent AERs were hemorrhage (n = 237) and infection (66).  Hemorrhages included 1 fatal, 42 life threatening, and 168 serious cases; 68 required transfusions.  Infections included 7 cases of septic shock (3 fatal, 4 life threatening) and 43 cases requiring parenteral antibiotics.  Surgical interventions were required in 513 cases (235 emergent, 278 nonemergent).  Emergent cases included 17 ectopic pregnancies (11 ruptured).  Second trimester viability was documented in 22 cases (9 lost to follow-up, 13 documented fetal outcome).  Of the 13 documented cases, 9 were terminated without comment on fetal morphology, 1 was enrolled in fetal registry, and 3 fetuses were diagnosed with serious malformations, suggesting a malformation rate of 23%.

The authors suggest these may be just the tip of the iceberg due to reluctance of institutions to report adverse effects.  They concluded, “AERs relied upon by the FDA to monitor mifepristone’s postmarketing safety are grossly deficient due to extremely poor quality.”

1Margaret M Gary and Donna J Harrison, “Analysis of Severe Adverse Events Related to the Use of Mifepristone as an Abortifacient,” The Annals of Pharmacotherapy, Published Online, 27 December 2005,, DOI 10.1345/aph.1G481.

The power of advocacy to trump ethics and safety has been seen in this case and in the recent stem cell flap.  How many anxious women have been reassured by abortion providers that RU486 is a safe and private way to end an unwanted pregnancy?  Why have not these reports caused the FDA to pull this dangerous drug from the market?  When desire runs science, watch out.  That would never happen with a materialist wanting to remove God from science now, would it?

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