February 3, 2006 | David F. Coppedge

Lesson from Laetoli: Observations Should Not Conform to Preconceived Ideas

David Menton examined the quarrel over Mexican footprints dating “too early” for human evolution theories (see 11/30/2005 entry).  On Answers in Genesis, he has pictures of some of the prints, including one with a left-right stride and another with the right shape and indentations.  He disputes the evolutionary responses that these are not true human footprints.  He reminds readers that the African Laeoli prints found by Mary Leakey looked perfectly modern but were age-dated from the time of Lucy, when no modern humans were thought to exist.  How did the evolutionary artists render the scene?  They drew upright-walking hairy creatures with ape-like faces.  “Pity the evolutionists,” Dr. Menton jokes.  “They can’t force ape feet into the Laetoli footprints and they can’t pull human feet out of the Mexican foot prints.”

This is a good time to review our quick refresher course, Guide to Evolutionary Theory.

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