April 19, 2006 | David F. Coppedge

Step Aside, T. Rex: Bigger Dino Found

A cache of dinosaur bones, meat-eaters bigger than Tyrannosaurus rex, has been uncovered in South America.  National Geographic News says the new species, Mapusaurus, exceeded the former heavyweight carnivore in size and agility.  All the bones in a river deposit were 100% from this one species, so “the chances they had been deposited randomly are extremely low, said Rudolfo Coria, the discoverer.  “The skeletons showed no signs of disease, Coria says, so the animals were apparently victims of some sudden catastrophic event.”  The article says that even larger creatures may remain to be discovered.  See also MSNBC News, which has comparative diagrams.

What would bury a group of heavy, agile, strong, mobile, intelligent monsters suddenly?  Think about it.

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