July 22, 2006 | David F. Coppedge

Chinese “Living Fossil” Amphibians Found

World Net Daily found a story on People’s Daily Online that 1200 specimens of an amphibian, Hynobiidaes, have been found in southwest China.  The article states, “These are a type of amphibian species around 300 million years old that once used to live in the dinosaur period.”

Other news sources have not yet reported this story, but if corroborated, it should only be news to an evolutionist.  Those who hold to the Biblical creationist explanation for fossils and life deny the millions of years, so the gap is only a few thousands.  Stories about so-called “living fossils” surface once in awhile to embarrass evolutionists; see 03/31/2002 about tuataras, 03/27/2003 about salamanders, 05/30/2003 about ginkgo trees, 12/05/2003 about ostracodes, or search for living fossils in the search box above.

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