July 8, 2006 | David F. Coppedge

Darwinists Foment Civil Disobedience Against Questioning Darwinism

The new science standards in Kansas require students to learn more about evolution, including evidence for and against it (see Discovery Institute press release).  The standards specifically exclude the teaching of intelligent design theory.  To some activist groups, however, this requirement is so intolerable, they want teachers to disobey it.  According to Evolution News, there is a campaign of misinformation about the standards, especially from “Kansas Citizens for Science,” including calls for teachers to disregard them.
    In response, the Discovery Institute has launched a new website, Stand Up for Science, trying to correct the misrepresentations with fact sheets and resources.  It includes a petition for citizens to join forces in supporting the new standards.
    According to Discovery Institute, Kansas joins four other states (Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Mexico and Minnesota) and numerous local school boards requiring critical analysis of evolution.

What will the ACLU do now?  They don’t have a legal leg to stand on, since (unlike the Dover case) there is no requirement to teach any alternatives to Darwinism.  This puts the Darwin Party in the untenable position of having to argue that a biological theory should be taught dogmatically.  Science is supposed to be the opposite of dogmatism.
    Anyone who thinks evolution is not controversial among parents, students and teachers (06/29/2006) and among scientists themselves (06/14/2006, 06/09/2006) hasn’t been paying attention.  When the evolution-as-fact-only crowd’s only course of action is to lie and disobey, it tells you they have no legal grounds for opposing the standards, and – most of all – no evidential case for arguing that evolution is so obvious and factual that it is beyond scrutiny and therefore must be taught as dogma.  See the quote at the top right of this page.

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