July 17, 2006 | David F. Coppedge

Eye Can See Clearly Now

The cornea has no blood vessels.  That’s weird.  But it’s a good thing, or we would be looking through a network of threadlike strands all the time.  According to EurekAlert, scientists at Scheppens Eye Institute decided to find out how the cornea stays clear.  They found that it is heavily stocked with a special protein, VEGFR-3, that halts the normal progression of angiogenesis (blood vessel growth) that occurs in all other tissues of the body except cartilage.

If this were the only thing allowing us to see clearly, it would be amazing enough, but it’s just the tip of the eyeball.  For examples of other factors involved you may have never realized, read our 08/31/2005 entry (second bullet), and the 08/28/2003 entry.  How do Darwinists deal with these observational facts?  Watch them blink: 09/22/2005, 05/13/2005.

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