July 27, 2006 | David F. Coppedge

Honey More Effective than Antibiotics

A good old nature remedy is making a comeback: honey for wounds.  An article on EurekAlert about research at the University of Bonn states that honey is more effective than antibiotics at healing cuts and wounds.  Apparently the ancient Egyptians knew about its healing power.  Honey rejects dead tissue faster, repels bacteria, promotes more rapid healing, hurts less when changing dressings, and even smells nicer.  In a day when bacteria are quickly developing resistance to antibiotics, natural alternatives like honey are again coming into their own.  You may be finding a new name in the bandage department of the drug store: medihoney.
    If you’re getting along in years, another story on EurekAlert from Johns Hopkins research said that exercise is still good for you.

The honey article states that the antiseptic property is due to glucose oxidase.  This enzyme continually generates small amounts of hydrogen peroxide from the sugars in the honey over time, enough to kill the bacteria without harming the tissues.
    It’s good to know what natural remedies are available when a long way from a hospital.  What with maggots (10/24/2003) and worms (07/13/2004), you’ll be all set.  The problem is how to get the honey away from the bees.  If you succeed, at least you can put it on the stings.

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