July 25, 2006 | David F. Coppedge

Is This Frog Marrow Really 10 Million Years Old?

LiveScience reported finding intact bone marrow from fossils of frogs and salamanders.  Without blinking an eye, reporter Ker Than croaked that the marrow is ten million years old.  He compared it with the intact soft tissue and blood cells found in a T. rex specimen last year (see 02/22/2006, 06/03/2005, 03/24/2005), and said,

The discovery raises hopes for finding soft tissue in other regions and from other animals, including mammals, [Maria] McNamara [University College, Dublin] says, because the amphibian bone marrow was discovered in an environment vastly different form the one in which the T. rex soft tissue was found.

The article also surmises that many more examples of soft tissue and marrow may lie undetected in museum specimens.  See also the report on National Geographic News which says the marrow is organically preserved and even maintains the original color.

Never question what the scientists say; that’s how symbiosis between the media and the Gurus of Knowledge is maintained.  It helps preserve the social order.  Imagine the chaos that might ensue if unbelievers started finding soft tissue in fossils from different environments all over the world; it might throw the whole evolutionary dating scheme into a cocked hat and start a revolution.  Enforced conformity may subvert freedom of thought, but it keeps the peace.

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