July 10, 2006 | David F. Coppedge

Rocket Pioneer Remembered as Man of Faith

Wernher von Braun (1912-1977) deserves a good reputation, said Anthony Young in an article for The Space Review.  He was loved and admired by the people who worked with him but vilified by others because of his involvement with the German V2 rocket.  Young desired to set the record straight about his integrity.  To round out his defense of von Braun, he ended with a recounting of the sincere religious faith of the man who launched our astronauts to the moon.
    Young, currently working on a book on lunar and Martian rovers, said that “Von Braun, a life-long Lutheran, was a believer in intelligent design in the Universe long before it became a catch phrase and a lightning rod of debate.”  One detail that may not be well known: Von Braun’s gravestone is inscribed with his favorite Bible verse, Psalm 19:1 – “The heavens are telling the glory of God and the firmament proclaims his handiwork.”

See also the chapter on Von Braun in our online book, The World’s Greatest Creation Scientists, including a page of Von Braun in his own words.

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