October 4, 2006 | David F. Coppedge

Japanese Man Sets Memory Record

Item: a Japanese man, Akira Haraguchi (age 60), quoted pi to 100,000 decimal places, reported Live Science.  It took 16 hours to say the digits from memory.  This broke his personal best of 83,431 set in 1995, and the Guinness record of 42,195, also set in 1995.

Incredible feats like this hint at the innate capabilities of the human body and brain that only occasionally surface in world records.  Can someone explain what the Darwinian adaptive value is of being able to quote 100,000 decimal places of pi from memory?  Mr. Haraguchi is already past the normal reproductive and hunting years.  Will this help him inspire the tribe to get a bigger mammoth or something?

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