January 22, 2007 | David F. Coppedge

What’s On ETV Tonight?

SETI researchers are building radio telescopes that might be able to catch leaking airwaves from the aliens, reports National Geographic and Space.com.  Some 1,000 stars within 30 light-years may be within the reach of an array of new radio telescopes in Australia.  SETI researchers can piggyback on this astrophysics facility to listen in on frequencies used on Earth by military radio and broadcast TV.  Future arrays may extend the reach 10 times as far, to encompass 100 million stars.

Imagine the sound of snow, hissing.  If someone hears occasional gunshots in the noise, will it be a Bonanza?  Maybe the mike’ll land on a planet in the west, listening to little little Lorne Green men giving us cowboy logic.  Ponder Rosa sitting at the console listening to all this; will Dan block her?  “Boss,” she’ll say, “this ain’t no chance string of bits; it carries a message.”  “What’s it say?”  She pauses, translating: “Keep your Hoss before the cart.”  “Right,” he responds.  “Good design detection work.”

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